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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1977 Jamaica Race by Jack D. Harvey
A Child Sees by Linda Leedy Schneider
A Question (in Haiku) to a Ten-year Old
by David Edwards
A Quiet Time by Ken Allan Dronsfield
Absence Of Something by Marylou Mansfield
Atrophy by Sunil Sharma
Autumn Shades of Lilac by Christine Jackson
Awaken by Kayleigh Merritt
Ballpark by Bob Marrone
California Sun by Michael Lee Johnson
Cinquain by David Edwards
Early Morning by Wayne Scheer
Fire Dancer by Linda M. Crate
Free Falling by Gloria MacKay
Haiku by David Edwards
Her Hands Still Smell Like Sunsets by Arthur Turfa
Hermitage Musings by Katarina Boudreaux
Hollow Roles by Deborah Guzzi
I Have Forgotten... by Tabitha Lord
If a Tree Falls in Reisterstown,
but There's No One Around . . . ?
by Alan Britt
Language by Linda Leedy Schneider
Leavings by Bernadine Lortis
Lighting Incense by Alan Britt
Lost in Hydrangea Skies by Valorie K. Ruiz
Mint Tea at Dusk by Shawnta S. Barnes
Miss Byrdie by Brenda Kay Ledford
Ocean's Call by Davefmus
Ode to Chicken Noodle by Marchell Dyon
Old Peter Wilkins by Pam Clements
Paint-dappled Carpeting by Craig W. Steele
Premature Pulling at the Botanical Gardens
by Linda Leedy Schneider
Rusty Wet Leaves by Ken Allan Dronsfield
Samten Sangmo by Brigitte Goetze
Self-Portrait at Sixty by Brigitte Goetze
Soup and Lasagne by Lisa Reily
Standing on a Hill Contemplating God
by Marchell Dyon
Tea at Dawn by Christine Jackson
The Family by Lancy Kurakar
The Weight of Love by Kerri Dearing
To Cook or Not to Cook (An Imitation of Hamlet in
Honor of the 400th Anniversary of the Death of
by L. A. Prince
To the Gargoyle Statue in the Garden
by Sarah Henry
Truth by Roy K. Austin
Tzigane by Nicole Long
Untitled by Simon Perchik
What Fall Brings by Craig W. Steele
While You're on The Respirator by James Miller
Wolf by Valorie K. Ruiz
Writer's Block by Charles Webb


A Lovely Mend by Sue Ellis
A True Royal Blue by Deb Palmer
Engagement Ring by Wayne Scheer
I Bought Bernie's Sofa by Anne Anthony
Only in the Movies by Alice Benson
Reflections by Marylou Mansfield
The Coyote by Ruth Z. Deming
The Sister Dance by Kimberlee Esselstrom
The Vault of Heaven by Mary Rose McCarthy
Unbroken by Anne Louise Pair
Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home by Ruth Z. Deming


A Son Like a Grain of Rice by Anne Louise Pair
Absence by Lisa Reily
Aziz the Story Teller by Manijeh Badiozamani
Breaking Chains by Janel Brubaker
Broken Promises by Manijeh Badiozamani
Courage - A Life Well Lived by Polly Frank
For Ben On A Sunny Day by Sharon Frame Gay
Kindness by Sharon Frame Gay
Memories in Time "A Reflecting Journey"
by Ron Huskey
My Avocado Tree & Me by David Smith
Mystery Incorporated by V. Mendoza
Son of Memory by Kitta MacPherson
The Missing Book by Ruth Z. Deming
The Red Pony by Ruth Z. Deming
Yippee by Shirley Palmerton
You Could Come Live With Me! by Ted Duke


This Writer's Life by Ruth Z. Deming
Linda Defeudis by Lisa Shea

Art and Photography

Strahov Monastery Library by Ophelia Sikes
Hungry by Lisa Shea
Inside by Lisa Shea
Worcester Memorial Auditorium by Lisa Shea
Strahov Monastery Library by Ophelia Sikes
Strahov Monastery Library by Ophelia Sikes
German Home by Ophelia Sikes
Staircase by Ophelia Sikes
Tiger Lily by Bob See
Old Stone Church by Bob See
Lily by Bob See
Juliet by Bob See
Dreaming Blue Banded Bee by Mark Berkery
Bee On Pink Crucifix Orchid by Mark Berkery
Ladybug On High by Mark Berkery
Fly On Fire by Mark Berkery
Hug That Flower by Mark Berkery
Sadness by Kim Kenney
Sunset Tree by Kim Kenney
Sunset at Fishers Landing, NY by Kim Kenney
Fence in Fall by Carol Dandrade
Pre-Cider by Carol Dandrade
Close to Momma by Carol Dandrade
Snow Leopard by Michael Coughlin
Snow Leopard by Michael Coughlin
Snow Leopard by Michael Coughlin
Thin Shells by Beth MacFarlane
The Honored Dead by Eva Kendrick
Keep Swimming by Lori Truzy
Autumn Invitation by Lori Truzy
Showgirls by Lori Truzy
Rare Alignment by Lawrence Pratt
Barn and Mountains at Sunrise by Dennis Smith
Iced Berries by Lawrence Pratt
Nature's Glee by Betsy Jenifer
Fall Rock Pond Sunset by Dyan deNapoli - The Penguin Lady
October Sunset Over Rock Pond
by Dyan deNapoli - The Penguin Lady
Sky On Fire Over Rock Pond by Dyan deNapoli - The Penguin Lady
Purple Flowers by Carole Bouchard
Rain Drops on Rose Leaves by Carole Bouchard
Moth on a Shasta Daisy by Carole Bouchard
Rose and Water Drop by Carole Bouchard
Abstract Crayons by Bob Evans
Colour In The Lab by Bob Evans
Summer Explosion by Bob Evans
Eye of Isis by Christine Catalano
Sunset Run by Christine Catalano
Mane Flying by Christine Catalano
Fiona Gallops by Christine Catalano
Full Tilt by Christine Catalano
Iris by Donna Sciandra
Two Flies by Donna Sciandra
Stairway to Summit by Andrew R. Sciandra
Souris Lighthouse by Andrew R. Sciandra
Rattling Brook Falls Trail by Andrew R. Sciandra
Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing by Andrew R. Sciandra


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