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Stairs by Albert Rollins

What You Are Saying
I should have been writing Christmas cards.
I should have been wrapping presents.
I should have been doing many things but I sat instead bemused before my monitor showing me beauty around the world.

-- Georgia


A Christmas Alone by Pat Tyrer - What a really lovely and meaningful story! I remember the bridal dolls we all longed for and got for special presents so besides the personal setting, can guess a lot of how you must have felt about the present too. I guess it would be a similar desire for Barbie which I have seen where she can excite such imagination for playing dress-ups and dolls and families ´and all and all´ as they say here in many places. Etcetera is Latin but ´and all and all´ or ´what what´ goes better for Jozi-speak. Jozi-speak? Casual conversational turns of phrase used here by the people in Johannesburg aka Jozi (South Africa).

And all and all and what what I say for a really nice and tender read.

Thank you for writing it from your heart.

-- Lestie


Wearing My Dead Mother´s Clothes
I have not yet given away her jewelry but I suppose that must happen some day.

Thank you.

-- kmuhlstadt


Solstice Lament by Anne Dailey - brilliant! It spoke to me, waiting here in the dark, looking for the first glimmer of light. Sometimes we misplace the heart of ourselves in the hurry and blurry of life .... it is good to reflect and remember and hope for the return of the light. Thank you.

-- Sandie


The Virtuoso by George W. Baker - Wow! This guy is good! Thank you for submitting his work. Old Valentines by George W. Baker - Love This Poem!!! It´s as if someone else knows the story of my marriage! lol

-- Mare


[winter issue 2010] I enjoyed all of these beautifully executed, professional and thought provoking photos. Congratulations to all participants!! Enslaved to Instinct by Mark Berkery - Beautiful photography, I envy your skill. Eighth Light On The Right by Teresa Ann Frazee - Similar to Georgia O´Keefe.

-- kpcrowe


Memories Of Papua by Erwin Fernandez - This was mesmerizing. I loved the language and the painting of the scene. So well done.

-- Arwen


Dazzled by Elizabeth Grant - A beautiful poem of longing that will ring true for many women.

-- m


By the Ocean by Lorena Pina-Avina [Summer 2010] - This photo is absolutely beautiful. I can almost hear the sound of waves. How serene!

-- czechmex


Joseph´s Story by Anne Dailey - Beautiful imagery and sensitivity. Very touching. It´s Now Or Never by Joanne Cucinello - Love it! This poem really resonates with me.

-- Elizabeth


Paused Before Vastness, Daunted by Genevieve Fitzgerald - Beautiful. Perfect for today, 1/1 when the year ahead that should seem so hopeful seems vast and dark and scary.

-- Greg


Fairy Door by Kim Kenney - Love this picture!!!! It keeps the magical world of fairies alive. Gypsy Fantasy by Stacey Dye - Very Nice!

-- b


In The Mist by Lisa Hodges - I really see this crystal chandelier

-- Jiffy

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