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Stairs by Albert Rollins

Table of Contents


Beyond (painting by Felrath Hines) by Angelika Teuber
A Cold Haiku by Megan Milligan
A Young Budīs Fancy by Sue Russell
Breathe by Elizabeth Divine
Bryant Park by Syche Phillips
Ceceliaīs Rapture by Samantha Jubilee
Control by Elizabeth Ann Devine
Daphne: Reflections on Pursuit by Nicole Maria Brickman
Discovery by Zhaleh Sarduy
Eve Has Left the Garden by Joanne Cucinello
First Morning in Uculet by Ken de Jong
Freedom of Speech - Acrostic by Lisa Hodges
Haiku by Ken de Jong
Hunting Turtles by Marilyn Baszczynski
In the Shadow of the Crane by John Keeman
Insomnia by Rachel A. Robins
Leaving The Shore by Gary F. Iorio
Misplaced by Sue Ellis
Namaste by Ash Krafton
Outside/Inside by Melinda M. Sands
Peacock Butterfly by Angelika Teuber
Pearls by Lianna Trimble
Pet by Jody Zolli
Pictures in Andalucia by Sandra Staas
Point A to Point B by Michael Mira
Radical by Stacey Dye
Remains by Danielle Wolffe
Roundup by Teresa Tumminello Brader
Senryu by Lisa Hodges
Spring Mare by Sue Russell
Sun Kissed by Ken de Jong
Sunrise by Stacey Dye
Sunrise from a Hospital Window by Marilyn Baszczynski
Swept Away by Lee Evans
The Coward by Joanna M. Weston
The Hummingbird (for Kate Sutherland)
by Joanna M. Weston
Time Out by Marilyn Baszczynski
Turbulence by John Grey
Untitled II by Aneta Cruz
Wasting by Lianna Trimble
Whatīs Become of Me? by Joanne Cucinello
Where Lilac Leans (rondeau) by Joanna M. Weston
Yellow Pages by Ke Huang


Regrets from a Nicotine Addict
by Francine L. Baldwin-Billingslea
The Composition of a Lie by Rachel A. Robins
The Four Voyagers by Francine L. Baldwin-Billingslea
The Love of Ghana by Rebecca Ray


A Heart Like Pluto by Vicki Winslow
Keeper by Mallory J Wycoff
Rah Rah by Judy Moore
Release by Janet Amalia Weinberg & Margaret Karmazin
Remembering Snow by Jan Priddy
Safety or Security by Spencer Carvalho
The Garage Sale by Jennifer Cherry


Dyan deNapoli by Lisa Shea
Joanne Cucinello - In Her Own Words

Art and Photography

Stairs by Al Rollins
Gīday from the Rainforest Weevil by Mark Berkery
After the Rain by Donna Sciandra
Surveying the Realm by Mark Berkery
Neon Blue Delight by Mark Berkery
Sapientia by Kristina Gehrmann
Ghost Boats by Tabitha Bird
Race to the Finish by Al Rollins
Carlsbad Caverns by Al Rollins
Venus by Kristina Gehrmann
Rainbow Promise by Kathryn Moore
Prince Of Light by Mark Berkery
Money Canīt Buy Me Love by Lisa Shea
Room at the Table for a Rainbow Beetle
by Mark Berkery
Spring Kaleidoscope by Lisa Shea
Kneeling Giraffe by Jeanne Egbosiuba Ukwendu
Tapestry Purse Detail by Lisa Shea
Tranquil Buddha by Kathryn Moore
Before and After by Donna Sciandra
Purple Lotus by Kathryn Moore
Mandelbrot by Caroline Jane Harris
Mandelbrot Macro by Caroline Jane Harris
Blue Winged Teal by Al Rollins
Heart in a Jar by James McDonald
Sanctuary by James McDonald
Eggs ala Goldenrod by JackiGail
Synapse I by Caroline Jane Harris
Synapse III by Caroline Jane Harris
Hungry Gull by Kathryn Moore
Tulip Pair by Lisa Shea
In The Pink by Sharon Devereux
Gazing Ball by Lisa Shea
Itīs In Here Somewhere! by Donna Sciandra
Posing Zebra by Jeanne Egbosiuba Ukwendu
Reticulated Giraffe
by Jeanne Egbosiuba Ukwendu


What You Are Saying
Letter to Our Readers

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