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Eve Has Left the Garden

Joanne Cucinello

How can spring arrive when Im still hibernating?
How can it come while Im nestled in my cave
learning to get comfortable for once in the dark
painting images of Woman on the walls?
All the years before came forward in disguise
a masquerade of litanies convincing me
that I was something else.

Yet, this year was different
winter came with footprints that I followed
as mine from long ago
dug deep in the hard cold blanket of my mind.
I found the cave Id left too soon back then
when I was young and small as seed
yearning to know more
about the flame within my heart.

So tell me . . . how can I leave behind
the pearls Ive just discovered
when Ive only just begun to see my soul?
Ill never find this cave again in springtime
hidden under lovely flower blooms
and that image on the wall
reflecting Adams rib . . .
the shadow of a Woman Rising.

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