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Tampa Bay Sunset by Lisa Shea

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


A Hug Returned by Jake Isaacson
A Visitor by Tara Borin
A Willing Idolatry by Misky Braendeholm
April Blue by Joan McNerney
Back in the Woods by Beate Sigriddaugher
Blank Canvas by Richard Schnap
Breeze on the Anacostia by Andrea Wyatt
Cardboard Thermometer by Lee Evans
Cardigan Style by Ken Allan Dronsfield
Chicago Spring by Marchell Dyon
Come to Me by Martha Landman
Earth, Depersonalized by Ash Krafton
Faded Velvet by Susan P. Blevins
Fair Warning by Wayne Scheer
Fallen by J. Scott Shields
Falling from Above by A.J. Huffman
Fervent Proclamations by Scott Thomas Outlar
For John Berryman by Tina Kotrla
Forgotten by Brian Horner
From Above by Seth Jani
Garden by Louis Gallo
Gardens Aglow by Lee Evans
Graffiti by Faris Naimi
Haiku by David Edwards
Hearts of Blood by Kate M. Lynch
Homestead by Tara Borin
Honeymoon in Acapulco by LindaAnn Lo Schiavo
I Am From by Tabitha Ann
I Am Not Sure What I Am by April Salzano
I'll Never Know Everything About You by Terri Simon
I'm From by Julie L. Vandekreke
Last Rites by Susan P. Blevins
Lessons by Terri Simon
Living Documents by Cynthia Manycolors
Lobo by Pam Clements
My Father's Footsteps by Martha Landman
My Middle Name is Empathy by April Salzano
Nature's Needs by Teresa Ann Frazee
On A July Day by John Grey
On Wilder Avenue by Leslie E. Hoffman
Overnight by Pam Clements
Patriarchy by Beate Sigriddaugher
Piranha by Susan P. Blevins
Reading Annie by Joann Grisetti
Remembrance of Lilac Days by Ken Allan Dronsfield
Rummaging by Seth Jani
Sculptor at Play by Terri Simon
Secret Midtown Garden by LindaAnn Lo Schiavo
Semi-Precious by Tina Kotrla
Skeleton Tree by Lee Evans
Sometimes When the Earth is Peace by Kara Emily Krantz
Spring Medley by Joan McNerney
Storms In And Out by John Grey
Swords by Peggy T. Rush (Formerly Peggy Eldridge-Love)
That Red Car a Metal Mess Against a Tree by Martha Landman
The Chainless Youth by Brian Horner
The Dance by Seth Jani
The Destroyer by Danetta Barney
The Takeover by Danetta Barney
The Timing by Beate Sigriddaugher
These So Feminine by Joanna M. Weston
Violets by Pam Clements
Wall Flower by Marchell Dyon
When in Rome, Learn from the Flowers
by LindaAnn Lo Schiavo
Who's Got Shoes? by Andrea Wyatt
Wine from the Central Valley of Chile by Ruth Z Deming


A Clarity of Vision by Jan Charone-Sossin
A Fresh Start by Kimberly Garrett Brown
A Most Grand Idea by William Darrah Whitaker
Consequences by Patty Somlo
Deliverance (Or the Drone Killers)
by Margaret Karmazin
Yes or No by Ruth Z Deming


Aziz as My Babysitter by Manijeh Badiozamani
Curlicues by Ruth Z. Deming
Daddy's Flowers by Julie L. Vandekreke
Letters to My Mother and Father by Norma Sadler
One Day Before the Mast by Petra Perkins
Playing Swedish by Mary Brzustowicz
Real Argo by Manijeh Badiozamani

Art and Photography

Tampa Bay Sunset by Lisa Shea
Curling Up by Christine Catalano
Gone Fishin' by Carol Dandrade
This Looks Like a Safe Spot by Al Rollins
Grasshopper by Mark Berkery
Potato Beetle by Mark Berkery
Male Lynx Spider by Mark Berkery
Antiqued Hearts by Christine Catalano
Acadia Sunrise by Carol Dandrade
Tricolored Heron by Al Rollins
Cold Water by Julie Chen Merritt
Drone Fly by Mark Berkery
Tampa Bay Sunset 2 by Lisa Shea
Marigold by Bob See
A Pair of Confused Candy Beetles by Mark Berkery
You Watch Your Side and I'll Watch Mine by Al Rollins
Hooded Merganser by Joann Grisetti
Precarious by Carol Dandrade
Pretty in Pink by Carol Dandrade
Doubles by Christine Catalano
Profile at Dusk by Christine Catalano
Reflections by Lisa Shea
Abstract Wax #2 by Bob Evans
Abstract Wax #1 by Bob Evans
Turkey Vulture by Al Rollins
Long Way Home by Julie Chen Merritt
Yellow Flowers by Kara Emily Krantz
Ropes by Ophelia Sikes
Windows over Water by Lisa Shea
Waking Up by Acquanetta M. Sproule
Sunset Moon by Christine Catalano
Monument Valley by Bob See
Rigging by Ophelia Sikes
Falling Down by Julie Chen Merritt
Winter Friends by Julie L. Vandekreke
Aruba Jewelry by Kara Emily Krantz
After The Rain by Julie Chen Merritt
Orange Flower by Kara Emily Krantz
Serenity by Carol Dandrade
Curled by Bob See
Flintlock Gun by Bob See
Caged by Bob See
Mast by Ophelia Sikes
Frozen Reflections by Julie L. Vandekreke
Galleon by Ophelia Sikes
Rings by Ophelia Sikes
The Great Vision by Teresa Ann Frazee
Aligning With Light by Teresa Ann Frazee


What You Are Saying
Letter to Our Readers

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