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Death of Salome by Kristina Gehrmann

Of All the Fears and Terrors That I Know

Michael Hazani

Of all the fears and terrors that I know,
Thereīs only self-fulfilling one thatīs true;
Of all the fiends that teem in hell below,
This demon is the most accursed and shrewd:
He shows you docks, where daily ships take leave,
He tells you of their wondrous whereabouts,
And while you trace their paths in dreams you weave,
He swiftly swaps your confidence with doubt.
You may be wise beyond your years and age,
You may have gained experience and wit;
Your acting may be flawless on the stage
Of which so much was lectured and was writ;
But if you fear that harbored ships have sailed,
Then you, my friend, already fell and failed!

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