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Death of Salome by Kristina Gehrmann

Table of Contents


I Watch You by Bushra Farooqui
Winter Walk by Alessandra Diridoni Grigsby
Thunder by Michelle Taylor
Untitled by Lisa Shea
Shellin´ Peas by Stephanie Arwen Lynch
I Stitch You Up by Bushra Farooqui
Of All the Fears and Terrors That I Know by Michael Hazani
Contract by Sharon Lasitter
May 10: Last Entry by M Kelly Lombardi
In Tea Leaves by Bushra Farooqui
Adversity by Cynthia Parker
Summer Heat by Deborah Crawford


Her Life Unfolding by Jody Zolli
The Song of Life by Cynthia Parker
Oops...I Did It Again! by Fe Starr
The Flying Lady by Marjory Stone
The Long Way Home by Parfait Gasana
The Breath of Women´s Power by Carolyn Lee Boyd
A Wife by Victoria Thomas Poller
Lemon Dropped by Jacquelyn Richey
Eek! It´s a Vegetarian! by Lea Terry
Naps Rule by Morgan Baker
Stealing Memories by Kim Kenney
What Women Want by Eve Hall
Menopause & PMS Are Two Ailments That Affect Christians Too by Victoria Thomas Poller


Eggs Four Different Ways by Sue Moore
Seeking Change by Lisa Shea
Houndstooth by Sue Moore
The Curse Breaker by Amanda D. Barncord Doerr
Silent Compliments by Sean Bennick
A Tiny Piece Of Gold by Janie Emaus
Vultures by A.P. Nala
Art and Photography

Death of Salome by Kristina Gehrmann
Canyon Storm by Dan Florio
Fatal Kiss by Joe Liotta
Bellafly by Shannon Hurst Lane
Pretty in Pink by Erika Lyn Smith
Point Judith RI Sunset by Lisa Shea
Niantic CT Sunset by Lisa Shea
Painting the Sky by Bob See
Valley of the Sun by Dan Florio
Inner Gorge, North Rim of the Grand Canyon by Jill Florio
Blue Falls by Dan Florio
White House Ruins, Canyon De Chelly by Jill Florio
Paper Tortoise by Lisa Shea
Inner Basin, San Francisco Peaks, AZ by Jill Florio
Inner Basin 2, San Francisco Peaks, AZ by Jill Florio
Sunrise Lake at Sunrise, White Mts, AZ by Jill Florio
Banafrit by Deb Bonam
Garden for a Princess by Dan Florio
Sailing into the Future by Shannon Hurst Lane
Ventimiglia, Italy by Paula Laurita
Dragonfly by Bob See
Goth with Rose by Joe Liotta
The Lady and the Unicorn by Joe Liotta
Rainbow Rose by Allison Nunn


What You Are Saying
Letter From the Editor

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