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Death of Salome by Kristina Gehrmann

May 10: Last Entry

M Kelly Lombardi

A red dusty diary,
1929, caught my eye
at Yesterday´s Things.

Obviously written by
a woman whose life
consists of visiting

Margaret and Jack
in New Britain, shopping,
cooking, cleaning.

She writes of January 18
being "just like spring"
and wanting to go downtown

"Too tired" she writes,
"don´t know why I´m
always so very tired."

January 27: "Hulda came.
Ara called to trial in Hartford.
Got his money--6K."

In February, she wrote:
"Doctor came today,
feeling a bit better--tired."

And then later "Slept late,
did morning work, washed,
made cake, cookies, worried..."

On March 15, her hand getting
wobbly: "Getting ready to go
to New Britain. Very tired."

In April, the remarks start
to get very short, "Slept late.
Did some things."

May 7: "Cool with wind. Can´t
seem to get enough sleep.
What ever is the matter with me?"

Last entry: May 10

"Lovely day. Washed
a few things, did floors.
Tired, going to bed early."

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