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Creater Lake by Al Rollins



Leila A. Fortier

Was a sex kitten
Fantasy wrapped in clouds
Of sweet nicotine~ A lingering taste
Of merlot from a genie bottle dream~
Everything about her was almond and
Honey~ Butter cream poured into skin
Tight jeans~ An Aphrodite in high
Heel boots & belly chains~
Both leather and
Lace with
Ebony~ A raven
Haired Venus taking shape
In one ripened figure eight~ Plush
Purple velvets against dark emerald
Tapestries~ The tinkling sounds of
Silver & brass against the chime
Of burgundy glass and her
Mysterious, melodic
Moved like
Lava in a slow motion
Spill of sensuality~ An innocent
Seductress charming desirability~ The spellbound
Affect of curtained eyes and sultry pouting lips~ While I- but a child
In awe of her profound and effortless beauty~ Curiously roaming her enchanted

~House of secrets~

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