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Creater Lake by Al Rollins

Table of Contents


A Little PTSD by Robert Spiegel
A Lyric by Catherine Van Herrin
A Table for Three by Sue Ellis
And the Dead Woman Said by Robert Spiegel
Aphrodite by Leila A. Fortier
Artichoke by Samantha Moore
Catch & Release by T. A. Cullen
Chemo by Jody Zolli
Cruel by Maureen Donatelli
Disturb The Prey Of The Owl by Jeff Bell
Doors by Gisele Vincent-Page
Easy Living by Armond Richards
Emily Wilding Davison at the Epsom Derby
by Paul David Adkins
Enslaved by Lisa Hodges
Family Tree by Kateema Lee
Finding Light by Stacey Dye
Frailty by Rachel A. Robins
Funnel by Maureen Donatelli
Glutton by Sarah Anne Stinnett
Good Night by Charity C. Tran
Great Grandmother by Samantha Hunt
Grey Pine by Charity Bryson
Gypsy Fog by D J Cawood
Hestia by Armond Richards
I am rich! by Bridget Aubrey
I Thought About Love by Phibby Venable
I Want to See Her Eyes by Charity Bryson
Impossible Problems by Armond Richards
In My Recurring Dream... by Kateema Lee
In Time by J. Scott Shields
It Was When Grief by Phibby Venable
Late Summer Racket by Peter J Grieco
Low Cloud by Maureen Donatelli
My dirty hands by Bridget Aubrey
New Day Unfolding by Stacey Dye
On Watching My Dog Chase a Cat the Day I Put Him Down
by J.D. Isip
Pall Malls by Johnnie Clemens May
Pharaoh of the Marshland by Sue Russell
Princess Leia by Erienne Rojas
Reptile Wings by Jeff Bell
Rudy Bridge by Leslie E. Hoffman
Ryokou by Kateema Lee
Sanctuary by Rachel A. Robins
Sedoka by Lisa Hodges
Sheets by Lisa Barstow
Sidewalk Repair by Michael Harty
Soaring Above Their Clouds by Udita Purkayastha
Some Nights by J.D. Isip
Southern Image by Cynthia Parker
Spooning With Loneliness by Rachel A. Robins
Spring Breakup by D J Cawood
Spring Underground by Chani Zwibel
Summer Sense by Gregory A. Kompes
Taming the Wild by Charity Bryson
The Baker: A Treatise on Single Motherhood
by Kara J. Searcy
The Mother by J.D. Isip
The Quiet Moon by Arwen Lynch
The Scent of Ashes by Robert Spiegel
To My Mother on My Wedding Day by J.Gay
To the Moon by Banks Miller
Traces by D J Cawood
Two Minutes With Wally by Ryan Kauffman
Visiting the Venusta by Marilyn Baszczynski
We, Too by Eboni Dunbar
When the Hummingbirds Don't Come Back
by Marilyn Baszczynski
Where Fireflies End, Where Lightning Begins
by James Welsh
White Sugar by Angelika Teuber
Window Box by Phibby Venable
Words of Motion by Jessica Ganem

A New Life by Skye Kinkade
Affairs of the Heart by Sangita Kalarickal
Incorrigible by Linda Harrington
May by Margaret Karmazin
The Dresser by Rose Gonsoulin
The Interloper by Mary Anne Slack


Arabesque by Liane Kupferberg Carter
Best Friends Forever by Francine L. Baldwin-Billingslea
Education by Luis Alcaide
Grasp Life by Mary E. Henderson
Grounded by Coral Kelly McCree
Loss, Love, and Learning by Sarah Savage
My Brain's Big Bang by Talia Carner
My Husband, His BlackBerry and .... Me by Morgan Baker
My Trip to Iran by Manijeh Badiozamani


Why I Write by Francine L. Baldwin-Billingslea
Debi Gardiner by Lisa Shea

Art and Photography

Aerial Lift Bridge by Al Rollins
Crater Lake by Al Rollins
Museum Arches by Al Rollins
Candy Coloured Beetle - Not for Eating by Mark Berkery
Botany Bay Weevil by Mark Berkery
Golden Bee in the Afternoon by Mark Berkery
Urban Bird by Donna L Sciandra
Mystic Nomad - Dreamer by Mark Berkery
Serenity by Lisa Shea
Drifting Turtle by Kathryn Moore
Hungry Lady takes a Cicada to Dinner by Mark Berkery
Magical Roots by Lisa Shea
Blossom Cover by Angelika Teuber
Storm After the Sun by Angelika Teuber
Ready for Love by Bob See
Plum Island Seagull by Bob See
Pearl by Leslie Tribolet
Key West Sunset by Kathryn Moore
Daisy by Erika Lyn Smith
Tropical Flower by Debi Gardiner
My day will come by Moe Schulman
Flight of the Dragonfly by Moe Schulman
Venusta Orchard Spider by Chris L Baszczynski
KC Sleeping by Debi Gardiner
Maple Tree Burl by Lisa Shea
Manchaug Lake, MA by Bob See
Liquid Leaves by Bob See
Purple Fantasy by Moe Schulman
Miniature Flower Bouquet by Donna L Sciandra
Nice Design by Donna L Sciandra
Abstract Flower #3 by JackiGail
Alien Among Us by JackiGail
Sunflower Bee by Erika Lyn Smith
Ibis by Donna L Sciandra
American Dog by Judy Moore
In Bloom by Jennifer Dooley
Deer Skull Bouquet by Debi Gardiner
Summer Finery by Lisa Shea
Colour My World by Sandra Staas
Okeechobee by Andrew R Sciandra
Wading Flamingo by Kathryn Moore
Rainbow Grand Coulee Dam by Al Rollins


Letter to Our Readers
What You Are Saying

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