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Good Night

Charity C. Tran

I am a dreamer
awake in sleep
untangling myself
from the web
of my own dream catcher

and now untangled
I clearly see
the slit of light bridging
day and night
action and consequence
beauty and despise

I wanted to bring you
into the day
you wanted to keep me
in the night
so in light I stayed
while in dark
you slept away

passion fades
like dying embers
and in its glow
you still sleep

how much you’ve missed
while you’ve slumbered
how much you’ll never know
of my beauty awaken
my complexity unmistaken
my spirit –
renewed, rejoiced, resound –
in a love that knows no bounds

but you choose to sleep
and so…
sleep well in your good night

and I
will slip away
with the coming of the sun
much like a dream
worth remembering
that morning unravels
leaving the dreamer

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