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Creater Lake by Al Rollins



Armond Richards

Iím the first of Olympus and, rightly, the last,
a daughter of Nature, reborn when Time falls.
My temples are embers of memories past
and love in the firelight formed on the walls.

The choirs of tinder all ashes my name,
a domestic sunset enshrined in the home.
The ignescent glories will smile and exclaim:
the heart will hold fast while the spirit may roam.

Find peace at my altar and let loose your dreams
of warmth, of expression, of glacial desires.
This pure luminescence ignites the esteem
abundantly cast by my undying fires.

Iím the first of Olympus and, rightly, the last.
No epics, no prose, no oblations, no praise
honor me. But still, the flames I amass
shall comfort and warm all the world all the days.

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