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Creater Lake by Al Rollins


I am rich!

Bridget Aubrey

In my home, waiting arms hold me,
Sweet smiles make me welcome,
Tails wag no matter what the time,
Eyes light up at the sight of me.

In my yard, trees shade me from heat
And protect me from rain,
Flowers pop up and flourish,
Giving me fragrance and beauty.

In my garden, life unfolds in many ways.
I have the privilege to watch baby
Plants being born. I help nourish them,
They trust me.

My garden snake watches me,
“Lucy” the yellow and black spider
Helps me catch bugs,
And Cardinals humor my attempt to converse.

Purple Martins show their trust
By coming back to nest,
Giving the pleasure of watching
Those babies grow and take flight.

At night, everlasting Diamonds
Sparkle over my house,
And that big, shining globe spreads
Silver beams on my walks.

My sky is endless,
My oceans ever mysterious,
My mountains are ageless,
And my roads lead into eternity.

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