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Impossible Problems

Armond Richards

We all have problems. Impossible problems,
fugacious and brutal as stone.
We all have moments to lose when we choose
to continue these journeys alone.

Some problems begin in the night with a lover.
Some lovers are problems before.
Some start in the morning without any warning.
Some start when they go out the door.

Some problems are rooted in blood and some bleed
whether we take precautions or not.
Some problems are caked in the promise we break
by a deed, by an action, or thought.

Some problems are run down and beg to be fixed
while some forget they’re problems at all.
Some problems are level with angels and devils,
who are only angels that fall.

We all have problems. Impossible problems
as different as sunsets and souls.
But we are the same, both in fate and in name
and together is when we are whole.

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