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Princess Leia

Erienne Rojas

"The line between the life I want to live and the life Iīm expected to live is about as thin as a Hutt after a buffet."
?Leia Organa in her diary in c. 9 BBY

She was not born a Jean Nordquist
doll with painted doe eyes, though
the palace dressed her up in clown hues.

She was dipped in wet color for pink lip
and cheek tones, though she longed for blotchy
dead areas like a warrior: the viral feminine.

She did not fit the string hopper mold of a princess;
Noodle-thin just didnít fit her frame. So she cut all strands
with a palette knife, just above the surface of vanity.

She was not resistant to deformation; her stuffing was a fleck
of red like an open rebellion of body. Peace treaties
signed in plastic sleeves of flesh. Darth Vader was no creator.

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