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Creater Lake by Al Rollins


Reptile Wings

Jeff Bell

Last night I truly saw my love,
First time I´ve watched her fly.
As she came towards me
Extending her reptile wings,
I chased her away with
Rolled up newspaper.

Self doubt replaced by doubt self,
A long and trusted method,
Passing one´s lack of confidence
On to partner.
Constant wrong information also helps,
Just like a blind crab in leaking bucket
Being told the tide is going out.
And how come the beautiful
Have always had the best foundations
For insecurity?
As ugly men make themselves ready,
Patiently the silent goddess awaits.

Last night she called me a dopey squid,
But can you also
Feel the warmth in those words.
Yet again, I follow the fool within
And love´s process starts all over again.

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