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Creater Lake by Al Rollins


Spring Breakup

D J Cawood

A full moon floods the landscape
with pristine light.
Stars pockmark an indigo sky.
West winds howl relentlessly,
sweep down the valley across the lake.

I pull on a turtleneck and jeans,
slip into my Siwash
and head down the trail
past silver-grey wolf willows.
The still-frozen lake draws me
like a lemming
to the sandy cliff edge.

A vast network of silver blue fissures
heave and groan
crevassed arteries, yearn to burst free.
Undercurrents rush beneath
desperate to break through the great slab.
A wrenching, grinding crack signals
the break-up.

Captivated, mesmerized
by its beauty and turmoil,
I wait
for the inner rush of emotions
to release my frozen being.

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