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TIny Frog by Carole Bouchard

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


A Sailorīs Wife by Mandy Alyss Brown
Forget Your Hubris by Linda M. Crate
Grabbing for Sanity by JeanMarie Olivieri
I Will Slay The Dragon by Linda M. Crate
In a House of Holy Words by Margaret A. Trapnell
Living In Delible by Arwen Lynch-Poe
Moon on Your Pillow by Laurie Kolp
Pink Joy Purple Sorrow by Richard Schnap
Shelter and Flight by Kersten Christianson
Stranding by Kersten Christianson
Stranger From the Sea by Joanna M. Weston
Street Rhythm by Billy Manas
Summer Chiller by Margaret A. Trapnell
That City Calls My Name by Martha Landman
The Seasons Healed Me by Linda M. Crate
Transparent by Julie VanDeKreke
Wallflower by Margaret A. Trapnell
What I Found by Laurie Kolp


California by Christine Green
Can You Stand the Heat? by Melissa Davis
Redemption by Manijeh Badiozamani
Roots and Wings by Angela Williams Glenn
The Places and Things That Scare Us by Florentina Staigers
This is my Nana by Christine Green
Vonnie, Queen of ETHOOL by Jody Zolli
Vulcan: A father of mine... by Murray Dunlap


A True Friend by Virginia Lee Bliss
An Invitation by Erin Popelka
Assisted Living by Peggy Barnes
Hunger by Zdravka Evtimova
Saying Goodbye by Sue Ellis
Sunrise, Banana, Chair by Bonnie West
The End of Summer by Vanessa J Horn
The Scariest Thing About Dying by Patty Somlo
What Does Old Feel Like? by Judith Salz


Leighann Dobbs by Lisa Shea

Art and Photography

TIny Frog by Carole Bouchard
Heron Under Moon by Judith A. Belben
Kiss, Kiss, Kiss by Mark Berkerey
Mom by Mark Berkerey
End of Winter by Bob Evans
Alone, At Last by Mark Berkerey
Atlas Moth by Christine Catalano
Great Egret in Rhode Island by Judy Belben
China Pattern by Lisa Shea
Dressed for Spring by Christine Catalano
Let Go, Let Go, I Saw It First by Mark Berkerey
Wild Turkey by Judy Belben
Tree Rising by Malinda Bishop
Wyoming Flower by Donna Sciandra
Digging In by Christine Catalano
Angel Trumpet by Christine Catalano
Paradise by Raeart
No Body by Bob Evans
Cefalu, Sicily by Ann Waller
Arizona Saguaro by Bob See
Monument Valley by Bob See
Monte Carlo Flower by Ophelia Sikes
Reach for the Sky by Bob Evans
Amesbury England by Lisa Shea
Lava in Hawaii by Lisa Shea
Spring Flowers by Lisa Shea
Shipīs Night Club by Ophelia Sikes
Leaves at Townsend Harbor by Carole Bouchard
Bradford Pear Tree Blossom by Judy Belben
Roman Leather by Ophelia Sikes
End of Winter 2 by Bob Evans
Infrastructure 2 by Andrew R. Sciandra
Perrins Pond Lunenburg MA by Carole Bouchard
Tea Table by Lisa Shea
Cefalu, Sicily by Ann Waller
Cefalu, Sicily by Ann Waller
Pisa Window by Ophelia Sikes
Roman Window by Ophelia Sikes
Yum by Mark Berkerey
Tiny Dramas by Christine Catalano
Nokomis Gulls in Flight by Ann Waller
After Midnight by Lisa Shea
In the Clouds by Bob See
Reflective by Bob See
Enter by Lisa Shea
Sunset by Bob See


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