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The King and I by Karen Sorbello

Table of Contents


Distancing by Jody Zolli
A Background Of Flowers by Joanna M. Weston
A Childīs Christmas Stocking Story
by Maggie Koger
A Cup Of Ceylon Tea by Maggie Koger
Rot-gut and Music by Stephanie Arwen Lynch
University Circle Saturdays by Gregory A. Kompes
Adieu by Jane Penland Hoover
Hope & 7th by Charity C. Tran
A Touch Of Divinity by Kavita Charanji
Measured Moments by Leslie E. Hoffman
Rainbows by Joanna M. Weston
Art Exhibition by Joanna M. Weston
Raggedy Ann On Edge by Phibby Venable
The Doctor Is In by Bruce McRae
Small Portrait by Leonore Wilson
Masterpiece by Stacey S. Dye
Haiku by Leslie E. Hoffman
Winter Moments by Jefferson Rowland
Math by Genevieve Fitzgerald
If Pitch Black by Laura Susan Ferriss Kouba
Squash Saga by Lee Evans
Close Proximity by Charity C. Tran
Haiku: Forest by George Shaw
Yellowed by Colleen Calhoun
The Crossing Guard by Maggie Koger
Haiku by Leslie E. Hoffman
All Knowing by Sarah Ince
Passing Showers by Holly Van Leuven
Finding The Light by Kevin Thorburn
Cold Sky by Alessandra Diridoni Grigsby
Buried Secrets by Joanna M. Weston
Alchemist by Beate Sigriddaughter
Fragile by Stephanie Arwen Lynch
Dadīs Alzheimers (Poem for īClausī)
by Karen Hart Tillquist


Biker Lady by Sheree Welshimer
Fortune Cookie Dreams by Scott March
The Gift by Hazel Freeman
Itīs All in the Attitude by Glenda Barrett
Diagnosis by Jeanine DeHoney
When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Young Again
by Pamela Calhoun
Looking For Work In Galway by Susan McKinley
Sandy And Her Cat Friends
by Sheree Welshimer
Epileptic Journey by Kristi Dinneen
Asylum by June O'Hara
Sandy by Michelle Karotkin
Otherwise... by Murray Dunlap
The Christmas Towel by Julie L. Scharf

The Locket by Melora May
Discovering Home by Cynthia Parker
All Stone Creatures by Ben Woodard
The Drive by Lori Bernard
Under the Island House by Lori Bernard
Blackberry Winter by Ann Hite
Incident on Mt. Snow by Doug Stone


Nancy Dietrich by In Her Own Words

Art and Photography

The King and I by Karen Sorbello
Extended Boundaries by Teresa Ann Frazee
Hibiscus Harlequin Guards Her Eggs by Mark Berkery
I See You by Karen Sorbello
Lighthouse by Donna Sciandra
Amanda by Andrew Sciandra
Hanging On by Andrew Sciandra
Hibiscus Flower, What All The Activity Is Founded On
by Mark Berkery
Fractal Kitten by Maury Schulman
Lets Party! by Maury Schulman
Mother Nature by Patrick
The Lesson by Loma Rothmund
Thirsty by Lisa Shea
Autumn Dragonfly by Lisa Shea
Path to Nowhere by Karen Sorbello
Dancing Flames by Lisa Shea
Gloomy Day by Donna Sciandra
Late Thistle by Donna Sciandra
Howls and Yowls, Woofs and Mews by Susan Alison
Inside Before Ignition by Maury Schulman
Autumn Stars by Lori Smaltz
Pink Cactus by Donna Sciandra
Rutland State Park, MA by Marita Froimson
Blanket Quilt Design by Beth Weiner
Front Door by Lilith
Spiked Sky by Teresa Ann Frazee
Hibiscus Harlequin by Mark Berkery
Wearing a Wig by Bob See
1930s Red Christmas Ornament by Bob See
Yellow Mexican Hat by Donna Sciandra
Delicacy by Lilith
Antique Boats by Kim Kenney
Hibiscus Harlequin Spreads Her Wings by Mark Berkery


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