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Korean Dogwood by Lisa Shea

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Mike Berger

Kaleidoscopes of rainbows dance in
marshmallow skies. An alley cat shrieks to
the blood moon. Heavy vapors hug the
ground. The ocean freighter tears from
its moorings.

Bouquets of the purple chrysanthemums
are the perfect foil to the temptressīs dark
dimples. Grotesque flowers shed steel
petals in the raging gale.

Telling time only in Italian, the clock moves
relentlessly. The blackbirds of time
are caught in mud fence; they cling to
withered vines.

Engaged in mortal combat, the nocturnal
mongoose shuns the light. When the victory
comes, it shuts the look. Deeply wounded
it succumbs to exsanguination. Its profile
is now captured on a Liberian postage stamp.

Prairie grasses turn putrid; they await a spark.
Hoards of locusts take flight fleeing the flames
as shaman beat on their voodoo drums.