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Korean Dogwood by Lisa Shea

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Arachnophilia by Lee Evans
Broken Lady by Cindy Shearer
Clamming by Bess Jones
Digging to China by Grace Dion
Flying Schwinn by Gene James Gilbert
Free Rein by Lois Elaine Heckman
Hamlet´s Woman by Sue Ellis
I Do Not Know What Birth Will Feel Like by Megan Roberts
If I Could Boomerang The Truth by Elizabeth Beck
In Decline by Jody Zolli
In Honor of My Mother by Terry Michelsen
Late Jack by Sean J Mahoney
Nesting by Grace Dion
On Leaving England by CH Smith
Preservation by Sue Ellis
Rainbows by Mike Berger
Solstice by Christina Murphy
Temporary Residence by Lois Elaine Heckman
The Painter (For Ted Ramsay) by Christine Nichols
The Pianist by Katherine Givens
The Symposium by Lee Evans
Time Is Not A Bird by Bess Jones
Two November Poems by Linda Sue Grimes
Untitled by Bekah Steimel
Waiting for the Symphony by Anthony J. Langford
Winter Walk by Mary Rodriguez


A Fathers Gift by Christopher M. Sniezak
Kilimanjaro by Maesa Beany
Nothing and Nothing and Nothing by Sally Houtman
Surfing for Bears by Helen Peppe


Escape by Bruce J. Berger
Forecasting by Mathew Allan Garcia
Good, Gone Wrong by Jill Lynn Anderson
Paris in a Bottle by Carrie Mumford
Samsara Turntable (A Tribute to My Mother and to Life)
by Lois Elaine Heckman
Seeing Him by R. A. Morean
Tabitha, Arise by Wendy A. Skinner
The Cupboard Under the Stairs by Heather Parker
The Day Mama Dropped the Eggs
by Nancy Werking Poling



Al Rollins - In His Own Words

Art and Photography

Korean Dogwood by Lisa Shea
Stingless Bee 2 by Mark Berkery
Horseshoe Bend Colorado River-AZ by Al Rollins
Sunset in Beacon Hill by Joann Vitali
Orange Peel by Christine Catalano
Ascend by Meghan Kelly
View by Donna Sciandra
Curves by Helen Peppe
Thank You and Good Night by Helen Peppe
Yosemity Falls & Half Dome by Al Rollins
Stingless Bee 3 by Mark Berkery
Keeping Up by Helen Peppe
Best Friends by Joann Vitali
Italian Gaillardia by Ann Waller
Cortona Bells by Ann Waller
Agave Potatorum by Bob See
Lunch is Over by Donna Sciandra
The Feeding by Joann Vitali
Yosemite Falls by Al Rollins
Breath of God by Sarah Ince
Stingless Bee 4 by Mark Berkery
Banfi Vineyards by Ann Waller
Winter Titmouse by Lisa Shea
Donatella Sculpture by Ann Waller
The Mere Essence of Life by Danay C. Downing
Stingless Bee 1 by Mark Berkery
Zion by Moon Light by Al Rollins
The Still Boat by Steven Wade
Touched by Autumn by Joann Vitali
The Path by Joann Vitali
Stingless Bee 5 by Mark Berkery
Otsego Bliss by Kim Kenney
Shasta Daisy by Lisa Shea
Impressionism Bluejay by Lisa Shea
Kayak Sunset by Bob See
Comfortable Perch by Christine Catalano
Vintage Rose by Meghan Kelly
Parsley Worm by Lois Elaine Heckman
Peppermint Rose by Lois Elaine Heckman
Yosemite Valley by Al Rollins
Ruby of the Tropics by Danay C. Downing
Ruins by Eleanor Leonne Bennett
Mourning Wood by Christine Catalano
Shell Mountain by Christine Catalano
Urban Squirrel by Kim Kenney
Furry Gymnast by Christine Catalano
Fresh Lemons by Ann Waller
Anhinga by Donna Sciandra
Mushrooming Surprise by Lois Elaine Heckman
Snickers by Kim Kenney
Courthouse by Kim Kenney
Back Off! by Bob See
Bean Vine Bug by Lois Elaine Heckman
Front Door Lamp by Lisa Shea


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