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Pantheon, Rome by Lisa Shea

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


A Beautiful Try by Phibby Venable
A Blonde Girl by Thomas Hollyday
A Cross of Roads by Phibby Venable
A Mound of Frozen Flames by A.J. Huffman
At The End by Joanna M. Weston
At Your Funeral I Learnt That You Wrote Poetry
by Martha Landman
Birds: A Haiku Sequence by Korie Beth Brown
Cedar Waxwings by Linda Ann Loschiavo
Center by Jody Zolli
Cinquain by David Edwards
Depression by Richard Hartwell
Finally by Joanne Cucinello
For My Hubris Collection by Rich Persoff
Fronts Sheered Off by Ruth Z. Deming
Hey Spider by Baker Jim Gilbert
In Their Shadow by Jefferson Rowland
Intermission by Richard Schnap
Khaki Beyond The Mazari Palm by Martha Landman
Leaf Pickup by Ruth Z. Deming
Orion´s Climb by Craig W. Steele
Quilting by Elaine Frankonis
Reveille by JLynn Marshall
Reverie by Leslie E. Hoffman
Rosa Parks Is Tired by Baker Jim Gilbert
San Pascual by Art Heifetz
Scène à Faire by Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke
Sewing Circle by J. Scott Shields
Shoe by Jody Zolli
Snow Still Falls by A.J. Huffman
Snowflake (Deconstructed) by A.J. Huffman
Spring Allergies by Elaine Frankonis
Survivors by Art Heifetz
The Diamond by Richard Hartwell
Those Boys Of Yours by John Grey
Vernal Equinox by LindaAnn Loschiavo
Water Nymph by Martha Landman
Ways of Seeing My Sister by Joanna M. Weston
Weatherproof by Craig W. Steele
Winter-worn by Craig W. Steele


The Magic Maker by Lucy Gregg Muir
The Tatted Flower Garden by Georgia Seitz


Light and Air by Lucy Gregg Muir
Michael´s Daughter by Victoria Palmer
Moses: The Making of a Man by Ruth Z. Deming
The Refuge by Isobel Blackthorn
The Weigh Up by Cynthia Jalynski


Bob Evans - In His Own Words by Bob Evans
Jane Moore Houghton by Lisa Shea

Art and Photography

Pantheon, Rome by Lisa Shea
Fly On Pink by Mark Berkerey
Jumping Spider by Mark Berkerey
Blackstone River by Lisa Shea
Potter Wasp by Mark Berkerey
The Gatherer by Christine Catalano
Back Swept by Christine Catalano
Garden Star by Christine Catalano
Dragonfly Lovers by Ellen Erlanger
Crab Spider by Mark Berkerey
Sitges, Spain by Lisa Shea
Nautilus by Christine Catalano
Nashua River in Pepperell MA by Carole Bouchard
Harvest Hill by JackiGail
Praying Mantis by Mark Berkerey
Crumbling Civilizations by Ann Waller
The Scarlet Skimmer by Ellen Erlanger
Landscape by Andrew R. Sciandra
Home Sweet Home by Donna Sciandra
Leaves at Perrins Pond by Carole Bouchard
Bertozzi Woods Groton MA by Carole Bouchard
Resting Boats by Al Rollins
Evening in the Cemetery by Bob Evans
Fall Color by JackiGail
Put Your Toe in the Arctic Ocean!
by Andrew R. Sciandra
Cape Cod Canal by Bob See
Tarantula by Donna Sciandra
Back Ways by Emily Strauss
Running with the Gulls by Ann Waller
Yellowstone Falls by Donna Sciandra
First Snow by Donna Sciandra
Otters at Play by Ellen Erlanger
Morro Rock, Afternoon by Korie Beth Brown
Lonely Angel by Bob Evans
Anhinga by Ann Waller
Gulls Soaring by Ann Waller
Pretty Boy by Donna Sciandra
The Peace Bridge by Al Rollins
Wild Asters by Carole Bouchard
Nasturtium by Christine Catalano
Great Spirit's Messenger by Ellen Erlanger
A Needham's Skimmer Dining at Sunset
by Ellen Erlanger

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