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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
Underground Channel: Dungeon Levels

When you start each dungeon, you see a little map indicating the series of levels required to get through to the end of the dungeon. You always have to start in the first room and work your way through them sequentially. They definitely get harder as they go so you may want to replay previous levels a few times to build up your strength and gather items before tackling a subsequent level.

Note that you WILL have to go back and replay levels to get all the bonusses. They do NOT expect you to get the time bonus listed with your initial character, and some of the special extra bonusses aren't even unlocked for you yet. You have to go back and play those later on when you can fish and play golf :)

Note that for each level there MIGHT be a channel key to get into a special room. Sometimes there is, sometimes there isn't. There is ALWAYS a gate key to get you out of this dungeon and into the next level. You can go through the gate even if you haven't killed all the monsters, tho I would highly recommend killing them all (and maybe going back and re-killing them all) before you try the next level. Otherwise you can get VERY frustrated because you're too weak for the next level.

Level 1: To the Outside World
Bonus 1: time limit 2:35
Bonus 2: ???
Bonus 3: clear all without healing
Ending: Scene with Max and Dad at huge table. They're rich. Mother is doing work far away. Max runs off.

Note that after finishing the first level you can return back to the entry area and shop and save, as you can after any other level.

Level 2: Battle with Rats
Bonus 1: time limit 2:40
Bonus 2: ???
Bonus 3: attack using only items

Level 3: Ghost in the Channel
Bonus 1: time limit 3:00
Bonus 2: ???
Bonus 3: only right hand weapon
Ending: "thoughts of you, mother, filled my head"

Level 4: Channel Pump Room
Boss Battle with Circus Darling Linda
Be sure to take a photo of her for a scoop!!!
If you miss this chance it's gone forever.
In essence just run away - Cedric saves you in his ridepod.

Now you head back to town and can return there whenever you want to. The ridepod is named "Steve" and you need to make an energy pack for him. You learn about inventing now, and learn that an energy pack idea needs 3 photos - a milk can, pipes, and a belt. So you have to go take pictures of these three things.

Head out into the town. The pipes are right on top of the fix-it building you just left. The milk cans are immediately across the street from you. The sherrif is to the right, take a picture of his belt. That's all you need - head back inside. When you talk to Cedric he now wants to construct an energy pack. He gives you 400g, go across the street to the pumpkins-in-front shop and buy 20 scraps metal, 1 thick hide, 2 hunks copper. Return again to the fix-it shop and now you can use Steve whenever you want to. Win the elephant battle, then Cedric is going in to talk to Mayor Need.

Level 5: Steve's Battle
Bonus 1: time 2:45
Bonus 2: ???
Bonus 3: attack using only ridepod
NOTE: This doesn't mean to ride it constantly! You'll burn up energy if you do that and never make it. Walk around as Max. When you get near an enemy, press in the right joystick to instantly switch to the ridepod. When the battle is done, switch back to Max.

When you finish level 5, you see the mayor telling Cedric about how the outer world has all been destroyed. Cedric says to reopen the railroad. You see a video of the train going.

Level 6: Sweet, Scary Treasure Chest
Bonus 1: time 2:30
Bonus 2: ???
Bonus 3: clear all without healing

Level 7: Channel Reservoir
Another boss battle, this one with Windup Performer Halloween and Troupe Leader Flotsam. This is another Scoop Photo Opportunity so be sure to take it, otherwise you'll miss it! You're watching for the big red bombs. When you get one, fling it right back at his head from very close in. When he's hit, he'll lower his head and you can hack at it with your wrench. In good gaming tradition you have to do this sequence around 3 times to beat the boss battle.

You finally get outside and the train comes. Cedric comes out, and you get on. You're told the story of how 15 years ago all was destroyd except your town, Palm Brinks. Apparently the "Emperor Griffon" destroyed it. Use the save spot in here. Now you go into a bomb fight with a car. You have to fling bombs at him. Note he hops over the train so look where he is before flinging. You hit him (of course) 3 times before the next stage.

Now the boss is on the train. He throws off his shirt and you see he is strapped with dynamite. Surprise! The little readhed shows up. She turns into Monica, the girl from the intro, and kicks him off the train. The train stops, and you learn that Monica is from the future. You two join forces to help undo the damage caused by Griffon.

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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