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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

They call this the sequel to Dark Cloud, but actually it's an amazing new game that takes what was fun about the original Dark Cloud and kicks it up to a whole new level. The dungeon crawls are quite fun and very replayable because of all the extra bonusses you can go for. The town development you do can be visited in the future to see how well they develop over time. You can wander around your towns that you create, and populate them with people! You can catch fish, cook them, sell them, keep them in aquariums, even breed them and race them! Then there's the camera, where you can take pictures of all sorts of items, trade some cool ones in for points, and use others to come up with neat new inventions. This game is just amazing.

IMPORTANT!! Normally I really advise people to PLAY first and then read the walkthrough only when they're stuck, because you lose half the fun if you don't discover things for yourself, sort of like knowing Darth Vader was Luke's Father before going to see the Empire Strikes Back. But in Dark Cloud 2, there are some 'scoop' photos that you only get ONE CHANCE at. So I'm breaking my normal guidelines and suggesting that EVERYONE read the scoop list when you start to play, so you don't permanently lose your one chance to get your scoops.

Gameplay Basics
Moving Around & Controller Use
Combat Notes
A Character Listing
A General Item Listing
How Weapons Work
How Photos and Inventions Work
How GeoMod Works

Intro: A Night at the Circus
Getting To the Circus
The Circus and Donny

Chapter 1: To the Outside World
Underground Channel: Dungeon Levels
Underground Channel: Monster List
Palm Brinks Buildings and Shops

Chapter 2: Resurrection of the Great Elder
Rainbow Butterfly Wood: Dungeon Levels
Rainbow Butterfly Wood: Monster List
Furbits and the Carpenterion
Sindain Checkpoints
The Ending of Chapter 2

Chapter 3: The Sage of the Stars
Starlight Canyon: Dungeon Levels
Starlight Canyon: Monster List
Building the Plateau Village
Temple Checkpoints

Skills for Dungeon Bonusses
How to Fish!
How to play Spheda (Golf)

Photographs, Scoops and Inventions
Listing of Scoops (cool unique photos) - A MUST READ
Listing of Inventions & Photo Combinations
General Listing of Photographable Items

Fun Tips, Tricks and Techniques
Townspeople Request List
Townspeople - Skills and Uses
Synth Sphere Creation List: By Item Type
Synth Sphere Creation List: By Ability Type

Weapon Evolving
The Wrench
The Longsword
The Magic Brassard
The Trumpet Gun
The Gladius

Dark Cloud 2 on PS2 Review

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