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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
Palm Brinks Buildings and Shops

When you're first in the sewers, you can't come back up into town. You have to finish Level 4 of the sewers before you can come back up into the town proper. Note that Donny will sell you supplies until that point, but once you can go up again, he wants you to buy from the real shop that his dad runs - the one with the pumpkins out front.

Cedric's Fix-It Shop
There are TONS of things to photograph in here, 2 recipes, plus it's where you get your robot upgraded and refueled and such.

Sells bread and other health-giving foods

Pumpkin Supply Shop
This shop has 2 pumpkins out front and is right across the street from the fix-it shop. It sells regular odds and ends.

Weapons Shop
This is across the street from the pumpkin shop and has a pink awning, plus a pink cross-like symbol to the right of the door. Note that you can only use the wrench and gun, the swords are for Monica. Some of the starting prices are:
wrench 200
classic gun 150
baselard 250
gladius 300

Police Station
one recipe, post

Bar by the Train Station
one recipe, wheel, car

Train Station
one recipe

There's a potato pie by the repair "prices" sign in outside area.
There's a fruit of eden by the cart, at the corner of the street

When the clowns have gone (after the end of Chapter 1) you can now go into the back section of town, where the church and your home are. This opens up:

One recipe, priest w/holy water

Clinic by Lake
One recipe, clinic director is Dr Dell, need him for Chap 3

Parn's House
Paint is up the ladder

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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