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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
Furbits and the Carpenterion

You can't start using the carpenterion to build your villages until halfway through Chapter 2. You find the 4 missing furbits and after a few tasks, you bring them back home. At this point the carpenterion is available to you. You have to find geostones to teach it how to build individual items - trees, houses, etc. Then once you learn the "plans" for an item you need to gather the raw materials to actually build it with.

Geostone 1 (lvl 6):
eye tree 1
eye tree 2
nose tree
whithered tree restored made clear

Geostone 2 (lvl 7):
straw house
rough wooden fence
tailor shop restored condition

Geostone 3 (lvl 8):
wooden bridge
15 river parts placed is clear
withered tree restored clear
forest lake restored clear
gordon resides in sindain clear
eatery restored clear
polly resides in sindain
weapon shop restored
milane resides sindain

When you finish this far, you talk about Gordon. He's the first recruitable person. new note: Gordon's Worries. He wants holy water from Priest Bruno, it's 40g.

Geostone 4 (lvl 9):
pot torch
wooden gate
cond: 10 trees
cond: nose between eyes
cond: adel resides
cond: elder jurak's branch restored

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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