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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
The Ending of Chapter 2

The end of this level revolves around the Rainbow Butterfly and the flower that it loves. First, you restore Jurak and get the flower seed from him. Plant it in the ending dungeon level. Build Adel her tailor shop and go to the future to get the monster badge for Monica. Now go to the lvl 1 dungeon and have Monica talk to a himarra - you get a sundrop.

Go to the end dungeon level and use the sundrop on the plant - ground shakes - it grows huge. Take the scoop picture of its stem. Then go to white rope - it pulls you up, and the rainbow butterfly comes.

You must kill all plant fronds first. Go around hitting each one. When you do, the big butterfly splits into 7 little ones. Kill them in roygbiv order. You have to sneak up on each one and blast it with the fireball.

Now a blond girl descends. She says thank you, she's Holly. The firbits had saved her when she was little, and in thanks she went to hang out with them. But then a dark force started to call to her and she had to leave. She gives you a letter for them. Now there's nowhere else to go - go back to the town.

Once in the town head into the future. Jurak says "Wooooo I've remembered" - about Griffon. He likes flowers. He was around in ancient times. He's controlling things. Ask Crest for the details. The Great Sage of Monica's times. Crest's origin point has been erased too. It's on the holy ground of Balance Valley - temple there in the future.

Now you get a scene with your Furbys. They all cry after reading her letter. They want to go with you. Surprise - Borneo has finished clearing the tracks - now you can go on the train. It's time to take it forward to Balance Valley.

Talk to Cedric - he's by the middle of the train - and the train goes out to the next area. Balance Valley, it's an underwater rock area. You land at balance valley station area, with more rocks for Borneo.

Go up the stairs and look around at Balance Valley - four plateaus with changing heights. Go to the house - there's an owl that says hooo are you? Crest died, Lin his apprentice is very sick. Need to get Dr. Dell from clinic.

OK get to Dell and he's supposed to say "well allright let's go" but there's a bug!! Instead he says "not good at all a few more days like this and she's done for." He hasn't even seen her yet!! Tooooo funny. Dr Dell joins you, sees the girl and says toxic mist - nothing to do. Now you think to try Lao Chao. In Monica's time he's a legendary chef, creates a miracle dish to cure any sickness.

If you fix this time, the starlight temple will be built - with Lao Chao's bistro. If we bring it back and go see him, we can save Lin. The geostones are in starlight canyon. Now you hit Chapter 3 - The Sage of the Stars.

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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