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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
Starlight Canyon: Dungeon Levels

The general layout of this dungeon is the same as the other two. Your gate key is a hunk of meat so a big bird comes and carries you along to the next level.

You start out this one meeting an owl who is watching over "Lin". Apparently the great sage is dead and his female apprentice is dying. You go back to Doctor Dell the Duck, who comes to help out. Now you have to restore this area to its former brilliance to help save Lin.

Level 1: Headlong Dash
Bonus 1: time limit 7:00
Bonus 2: ???
Bonus 3: clear only using ridepod

Level 2: fire and ice dont mix
Bonus 1: time limit 6:30
Bonus 2: ???
Bonus 3: clear only using monster transformation
When you start this one, you get a video about your mom teasing you when you're sick.

Level 3: earth shaking demon
Bonus 1: time limit 7:15
Bonus 2: ???
Bonus 3: clear only using items

Level 4: powerful yo-yo robot
Bonus 1: time limit 7:40
Bonus 2: ???
Bonus 3: Max's right hand weapon

Level 5: elephant army in valley
Bonus 1: time limit 8:00
Bonus 2: ???
Bonus 3: monster transformation
red seal (no Max), fork

SUN Level 6: dangerous treasure chest
Bonus 1: time limit 7:35
Bonus 2: ???
Bonus 3: monica's sword

SUN Level 7: little dragon counterattack
Bonus 1: time limit 7:42
Bonus 2: ???
Bonus 3: clear without healing
blue seal (no Monica)

SUN End of Path: Barga's Valley
says "dead end - feels like something should be here"
When you build the Bistro, come here for the White Flower
and to learn how to play GOLF!! :)

MOON Level 6: warrior in starlight canyon
Bonus 1: time limit 6:50
Bonus 2: ???
Bonus 3: only ridepod
white seal (no healing)

MOON Level 6: smiling fairy village
Bonus 1: time limit 6:45
Bonus 2: ???
Bonus 3: monster transformation

MOON Level 6: fork with star gate - cursed mask
Bonus 1: time limit 7:30
Bonus 2: ???
Bonus 3: only items

MOON Level 6: we're the roly poly brothers
Bonus 1: time limit 7:50
Bonus 2: ???
Bonus 3: monster transform
both ivanoff and priest of rama here

MOON Level 6: dragon slayer
Bonus 1: time limit 7:00
Bonus 2: ???
Bonus 3: ridepod

MOON Level 6: Yorda's Valley
holy Yorda tree
cano't go further without Lin.
Go to other end - condor talks.

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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