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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
Starlight Canyon: Monster List

Abbreviations used:
ABS: The number of 'weapon-gain-a-level' blue spheres the monster releases on death
Gilda: the number of gold coins the monster releases on death
Weak: the types of weapon attributes the monster is vulnerable to
EFF: The types of weapons the monster is vulnerable to
INEFF: The types of weapons the monster is not really hurt by
Items: That types of objects the monster tends to drop on death

smiling fairy - beast
abs 18 gilda 12
weak: ch cy
eff: none
ineff: none
items: bread, wind crystal

masked tribesman - darkling
abs 20 gilda 18
weak: fl li
eff: none
ineeff: sword gun
items: repair powder, protector crystal, sturdy cloth

ram - beast
abs 22 gilda 22
weak: fl be
eff: sword
ineff: guns magic
items: mimi, hunter crystal, sturdy cloth

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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