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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
Starlight Canyon: Building the Plateau Village

In this dungeon you get geostones right from the first level.

geostone 1:
brick house
all 4 same height clear

geostone 2:
weather vane
chinese stand
suspension bridge restored clear

geostone 3:
brick chimney
lower prayer site restored clear
sacred gate restored clear

geostone 4:
iron fence
conditdon prayer site and bridge clear
condition crystal prayer site clear
condition cps again

geostone 5:
wooden fence
15 trees condition clear
starlight temple restored clear
tool shop restored clear

geostone 6 (sun path):
iron lamp 1
20 culture points clear
2 people reside in valley clear
ferdinand at chinese stand clear

geostone 7:
iron gate
star lamp
stewart resides in valley

geostone 6 (moon path):
30 culture clear

geostone 7:
sacred torch restored clear
star lamp on brick house clear

geostone 8:
iron lamp 2
lin helped clear

geostone 9:

geostone 10:
priest bruno in village clear
parn in village clear
weapon shop restored clear

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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