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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
Starlight Canyon: Temple Checkpoints

lower prayer site restored:
* 4 plateaus same height (put items on them evenly)
* 20 culture points

suspension bridge restored:
* lower prayer site restored
* 15 trees

starlight temple restored
* suspension bridge
* 2 people reside in valley
* crystal prayer site restored

sacred torch restored
* starlight temple restored
* 4 pot torches placed

crystal prayer site restored
* lower prayer site restored
* priest bruno in town (must wait to be able to build a church)

Sacred Gate Restored
* starlight temple restored
* Stewart resides in valley
* 40 culture points

Lao Chao's Bistro Restored
* starlight temple restored
* Ferdinand at the chinese stand
* 30 culture points

tool shop restored
* save lin (have to get special food from future bistro)
* star lamp on brick house
* parn moves in town - wants purple roof
* Starlight temple restored

weapon shop restored
* Starlight temple restored
* Sherrif blinkhorn in town - wants fence around house
* 30 culture points

(moon crystal and crest)
* starlight temple
* (lighthouse moon crystal)

You get a pearl and emerald when you get to the weapon shop stage.

when have bistro set up - can actually see it and go in.
Lao Chao needs special ingredient. Needs white windflower
grows in deep valleys
photos: pork dumplings, trademark, duck
go to end of sun path to get flower - have to win at golf
When you get the flower, take it to the bistro, take the dumplings to Lin, she joins you.
Be sure to buy the starglass from the item shop for 300g

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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