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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
A Character Listing

The graphics are just AMAZING in this game and they really help you to become familiar and fond of the various characters. Just look at the images below, they are real game play images of the characters that you move around.

Called Max for short, this kid is very smart and is the only child of the wealthy mine owner. Unfortunately his mom is "missing" somewhere and his father isn't very talkative. Max spends his time helping out Cedric, who runs a fix-it shop in town. His weapons are wrenches and guns. He can ride in a large robot as well.

Monica is from the future, where their world is being destroyed. She comes back to the past to team up with Max and try to prevent the destruction from occurring. Monica uses swords and magic to fight. Her special ability is to turn into monsters.

The owner of the fix-it shop, Cedric is a great friend of Max's and helps him out quite a bit. He helps repair and tune the robot.

Mayor Need
A very wishy-washy guy who is pushed around by Flotsam. He has shut his town off from the outside world so the townspeople don't realize what is going on.

Your hick friend who hangs out in the sewers and rescues you at the beginning of the game. He sells you supplies until you can get back up into town again. He also takes any "scoops" - cool photos - you take and gives you prizes for them. He gives you hints about more scoops when you turn in the ones you have.

Conda, Rococo and Tobo
The Furbits who you help out in Chapter 2. They have lost their 4 brothers and a woman named "Holly". You find their brothers for them, and in return they help you start doing your GeoMod of villages!

Master Utan
A jungle king who you help out, and who helps you in return, in the middle of Chapter 2

King Mardan
A fish king who is very much in love with his own beauty. You meet him in Chapter 2.

The evil head of the Clown Troupe, Flotsam chases after you for all of Chapter 1 with his clowns. He has a big clown face and a bit black top hat.

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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