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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
How Weapons Work

The whole weapon system can SEEM really really complicated. But really it isn't. It is all broken down into very logical steps. Read through this and be sure to ask on the forum if you have questions.

Step 1: Choose a Weapon
Each of us has a different way we like to play a game. Some people like shooting from afar. Some like to be right in the thick of things. In Dark Cloud 2 I personally love hacking with the sword, that's most satisfying to me. So for each character - Max and Monica - figure out which weapon of the starting ones you find that you like the best. It comes in a pretty basic shape. Max starts with a wrench. Monica starts with a sword.

Step 2: Look at the Build Up Options
If you select your weapon and choose Build Up, you'll see what it can "grow up into". It won't tell you the NAME of the next level yet, but it will indicate what traits it needs to gain by turning them red. The traits that each weapon has are:


As you might imagine, different types of attacks are better against different types of creatures. But really, you meet just about every type of creature in this world, so it's best to go with what makes you happy. I love flame swords, so I'd rather have a flame sword over a wind sword.

You might have a choice in the Build Up area of two different paths to take. If that's the case, take the path that seems to appeal to you most. If your sword can go in one direction and gain flame/lightining abilities, or in another direction and gain cyclone/chill abilities, choose the set you enjoy more. I personally would go for the fire/lightning sword. That's just me.

Once you determine what skills your sword should learn, it's time to start getting it those skills.

Step 3: Create some Synth Spheres
The way that your sword gains abilities is to have Synth Spheres added to it. You can pretty much turn ANYTHING in your possession into a Synth Sphere, and each Synth Sphere matches one of those weapon traits. So you have Lightning Synth Spheres, Chill Synth Spheres, and so on. Just click on any item you have and choose the Synthesize option. It'll show you what kind of a sphere it would turn into. Check out my Synth Listing for all of the details. So make some Synth Spheres, or go dungeon crawling to find what you need to make them.

Step 4: Add the Synth Spheres to your Weapon
OK, you know you need your weapon to gain in Flame, and you have 2 flame Synth Spheres. Now click on those spheres and use them on the weapon. Voila! You'll see your weapon's Flame rating increase. Check the Build Up option to see if it went up enough. When you have increased the rating enough, that item will no longer be in red. When you have gotten the entire weapon up to the proper stats for its next level, you will be able to improve it, and its name and look will change!

Note that you can't just load 80 thousand Synth Spheres into a weapon all at once. It can only hold very few Synth Spheres to start with, but as it gains levels, it can hold more and more. Your weapon gains levels by killing things (as you might figure). Each time a monster dies, tiny blue circles come out of it. Those are absorbed by the weapon and you can see the weapons's blue line grow. When it gets full, your weapon goes up a level and can now hold more synth spheres.

You sometimes find coins around with different abilities. If you synth a coin it doesn't appear to have any abilities - but then add it in to your weapon and your sword takes on that skill. So if you synth a healing coin and add it to your weapon, it will now auto-heal you as you walk around!!

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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