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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
How Photos and Inventions Work

The photo / camera system is VERY cool in Dark Cloud 2. Here's how it works.

First, just have fun going around taking pictures of anything and everything. When you take a picture of something special, it will show its name instead of just the generic room name. So for example you can take pictures of "clock" or "parasol" or "river" etc. You can even take pictures of the "morning sun" and "evening sun".

The game very nicely tells you which ones are actually worth keeping to use for inventions. Just use the menu buttons in your camera screen (X) to get to the list of photos, and to then save the good ones. Just have it delete out the raw photos once you get the item names into your invention listing.

To actually make an invention, use the Make - New Invention menu option. You need to tell the game which 3 photos seem to represent your invention. There are tons of clues all through the game, or you can practice on your own to see what works. I also have an Invention Listing but don't use that unless you're really stuck - most of the fun in the game is figuring out what works!

Once you create an invention plan, you can now actually MAKE that new invention with the raw materials it tells you to use. So if you invent the idea for a trumpet gun, you can now make yourself a trumpet gun to use in combat!

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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