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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
How GeoMod Works

GeoMod is the VERY cool method in which you can build your own villages in Dark Cloud 2. It was fun in Dark Cloud and is even better here!

You don't get to GeoMod unti the middle of Chapter 2. When you rescue the 4 Furbits, you now get access to the Carpenterion. You learn some of the basics of how it works, but you can't USE it until you find a geostone. So you have to go back through one more level of the dungeon to get your first geostone. When you return with it, now you're ready to get going.

You walk around in the area until the blue icon appears, and then press SELECT. Now in the menu you can first make them items you have learned how to make so far. Your first stone gets you:

wooden house
iron chimney
thorn tree
wooden stand
wooden stairs
forest lake restored is clear
glowing mushrooms restores is clear.

Once you BUILD something from raw materials, you can then PLACE it on the ground.
place with left stick, L2 and R2 to rotate it. X to set it down.
items ON a wall - put on top of building then X to move on side of it.

Next, to populate your town! Note that you CANNOT do that until you get further in the dungeon. You will be prompted at one point to bring in a gardener. This is the guy who tends the trees in front of your house. Once you bring him in, you can bring in more townspeople too. To do so, talk to them and get them on your train. Then go to the house in question and use the menu choice to have that person move in. Only people ON the train can be chosen for a house.

"Analysis" gives you hints about what you have to work on to help the future. You need Culture Points to reach 100% - culture menu tells you how you're doing. Need more buildings adding special fancy features like chimneys and lamps.
To start with, make a house and 20 river units. You can clean up pathes of grass and logs and such on the ground that interfere with your town design.

Note if you Go to the future, there's just one green guy. There's 2 chests with fruit of eden.

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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