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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
How to Fish!

You do not get your fishing rod until THE MIDDLE OF CHAPTER 2 so don't fret. You will definitely get it at the right point, it is a key part of that level. One of the Furbits gives it to you when you find the group of four of them.

In that first furbit map, go to the far right of pond. Equip the rod and then add on the bait. Put the bobber over into the lily pads. Then press the ZOOM button to watch from above. It'll buzz a little. leave it until the red bobber goes FULLY underwater. This is a "hit". Press the left joystick down (NOT IN) to set the hook.

Now the trick is to move the joystick in the direction the arrow indicates to keep the tension light and then OCCASIONALLY tap X to start dragging it in. If you press X too much you'll go into the 'danger' tension and lose the fish. So do it gently. Big fish pull harder - you must reel them in very slowly.

The chart shows the distance from you in meters that the fish is. When the fish gets close enough, you automatically grab it and toss it into your inventory.

The fish stays there indefinitely :) You can cook him on your stove if you bought a stove, or sell him, or later when you get an aquarium you can keep them, breed them and race them! You get points for each fish you catch, which you use to upgrade your fishing rod.

The furbit there gives you as many mimi (worms) as you want but you can also find bait as prizes in the various dungeons here.

Fish I caught in the starter area:

Priscleen: 34cm, 35cm, 43cm, 44cm, 46cm, 54cm

Nonky: 73cm

Other Fish:
Baku Baku: sharp teeth

gummy - looks left big down mouth two spikes in back for tail grey
don't say I'm not motivated! I'm just a little sleepy.

niler - looks left green with fin on top tiny tail 'i may be a piranha but I'm not realloy all that fierce'

Bait Options
Mimi: small worm
Batan: grasshopper
Petite fish: tiny sea fish
Note once Fabio joins you, he'll sell you bait.

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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