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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
Listing of Scoops (cool unique photos)

IMPORTANT NOTE!! Unlike many games, where they give you many chances at a given task, in this one you get ONE CHANCE AND ONE CHANCE ONLY for some of these unique photo opportunities. If you miss them, they are gone completely and you can't complete all the photos. So this is one part of the walkthrough that I highly encourage people to read BEFORE playing the game, so they know when these situations are coming up.

In essence, think of yourself as a celebrity photographer. The purpose of scoops is to take cool pictures of enemies and situations that are unusual. So many of these situations only happen once in the entire game. You then take the cool pictures to Donny, and he gives you prizes. He'll give you clues to some of the scoops, and other townsfolk will too. If you take the picture properly it'll have a red mark on the picture and a check on your green book listing.

1: Burning Dragon Fire
take a picture right when the dragon spits fire at you. You get this near the end of Chapter 3's dungeons.

2: Spinning Ivanoff
Annoying, but you have to get Ivanoff right when he's spinning to harm you. Near the end of Chapter 3's dungeons.

3: Charging Ram
Easy one, the first level of Chapter 3 has rams. Just snap a shot when one is charging you.

4: Phantom Memo-Eater
Hard to find, those elusive memo-eaters!

5: Changing Dog statue
Get your picture right when it's changing form. These are in the middle of Chapter 3's dungeons.


7: Night Stalker
Chapter 1. Enter Lvl 3 of the Underground Chamber. Find a night stalker and take a photo when he's doing his ballerina spin-around move. Pretty easy.

8: Dangerous Pumpkin
Chapter 2. The 2nd level of the forest dungeon is good for this. Just take a picture of him spinning his swords.

9: Hurray for Rock Man!
Get a picture of a golem with both arms up. Yippee! Early on in Chapter 3's dungeons.

10: Nice Massage
The Priest of Rama looks pretty funny when its arms are behind its back giving itself a massage. Chapter 3's dungeons.

11: Gyumo's Yell
Gyumo is in Chapter 2 in the ending levels. Snap your photo when he is screaming.

12: Spooky Grass Smile
Chapter 2. The 2nd level of the dungeon is good for this. It's when the man-eating grass' petals are pointing upwards and he's sort of smiling

13: Brave Little Linda
YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE AT THIS!! boss battle #1 in Underground Chamber. Get the elephant when it stomps down it foot

14: Clown Robo's Attack
YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE AT THIS!! boss battle #2 in Underground Chamber. When he's launching missiles at you


17: Baron's Hangin' On
The first dungeon, with the Vanguard robot. Wait until you're pretty strong until you try this because it takes a LONG time usually. Sit there and antagonize him and let him beat on you until he finally does his slam-down attack. Take a picture during that one.
18: Tore's Nap
Chapter 2. This one is easy, it's not even taken during a battle. Snap a shot when Tore is sleeping. You do have to sneak pretty close to him to get the picture.

19: Face Behind Devil Mask
Chapter 3, the annoying mask-heads :) I *hate* these guys, they are really annoying. The hint makes it sound like you have to knock one over, but really, just snap like crazy when one is charging you and you can see his face through the mask's mouth.

20: Floatin' Earth Digger
Chapter 2. The 2nd level of the forest dungeon, this is easy. Just snap the picture when the mole is up in the air.


25: Find the Golden Egg!
Head into the future and take a picture of the golden egg. It'll be in the future with Jurak when you finish all of the areas.

26: Hmmm! Jurak
YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE AT THIS!! In Chapter 2, when you first awaken Jurak in the future, he's confused and going hmmmmmmmm. After your first conversation with him, take this photo. You need it as an invention item too.


30: Master Utan
Chapter 2. YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE AT THIS!! About halfway through the dungeon you run into Utan. Take the picture after your first conversation with him, when he's in pain from eating the forbidden fruit


33: King Mardan
Chapter 2. YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE AT THIS!! About halfway through the dungeon, right after the Utan scene. You catch the giant fish in the lake and then give him another fish to break his curse.

King Mardan the Fishie

34: Lafrescia Stem
The final boss level of Chapter 2 involves growing a giant Lafrescia. When you cause it to grow to full height, take a picture of its stem.


50: Ruler of the Pond Watch for a white haze around Palm Brinks Park. What this actually is is a ghost that shows up over the pond by the clinic at midnight each night. If you stand on the dock with the boat and look towards the center of the pond, wait until midnight and start clicking madly. You should see him light up as you do.


53: R. Butterfly United!
Chapter 2. YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE AT THIS!! When you are fighting the Rainbow Butterfly, it breaks into separate butterflies of each color. Take a picture when they all reunite back into one solid butterfly.

lvl 2 (100 pts): diamond (a GREAT synth object)
lvl 3 (200 pts): explorer's helmet (lovely fashionwear)
lvl 4 (300 pts): bandit coin "capture"

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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