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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
General Listing of Photographable Items

The list is HUGE HUGE HUGE of things you can take a picture of. Here are some of the ones I've found.

Palm Brinks
Barrel: Lots everywhere
Bone: in clinic
Bottle: in clinic
Candle: church
Cart: There's one on the street plus another in the fix-it shop lower level
Clock: in station
Cloth: Parn's house
Curtains: Parn's house
Deer Horn: in town hall
Drawer: Morton's house
Egg: Up on shelf in clinic
Evening sun: in the evening sky as it sets
Eyeball: in clinic
Figure: on altar of church
Flower: Morton's house
Flower chair: in station (lights from ceiling)
Glasses case: in town hall
Hoe: Morton's House
Iron Maiden: weapon's shop
Ladder: Parn's house, train
Lamp: lots of houses
Monument: The stone building by the lake near your house, once the clowns move
Morning sun: yup in the morning sky
Old-style robot: fix-it shop
Paint: Parn's house
Parasol: at the top of the back of the coffee-cup cafe
Phonograph: in town hall
Post: police station
Pumpkin: in front of the item shop
Rapper: noisemaker in fix-it shop
Rifle: your dad's room
River: big one in the middle of town
Robot: in Max's bedroom
Saw: in clinic
Streetlight: everywhere
Telescope: in Max's bedroom
The moon: a general moon in the night sky
The sun: a general sun in the sky
Traffic light: it's over the river
Tree: by your house once the clowns move
Trashcan: everywhere
Weapon: weapons shop
Wheel: wall of bar by station
Window: in Claire's house
Wooden box: everywhere

Chapter 2: Sindain
Coal: train engine room
Fire House: train engine room
Grass: tufts in Sindain by house
Jurak's Eye: a geomod item when you're building the village
Log: by train
Mushroom: in future by Jurak
Rock: by train
Whithered Jurak: entrance to forest
Golden eggs: end of chapter in future

Chapter 3: Temple
Pork dumplings: bistro in future
trademark: bistro in future
duck: bistro in future
frescoe: church you build
holy writing: church you build
holy symbol: church you build

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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