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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
Townspeople Request List

Once you get Gordon to move into your new village in Chapter 2, you can then start asking other people to move as well. Each person has a little task for you to complete before they will consider moving. These tasks are kept track of in a book in your inventory. Note that you have to finish the person's task, and then they go to the train. Once they're on the train you can talk to them there or have them move into your houses you build.

gordon's worries
The very first one you do, when prompted to halfway through Chapter 2. Gordon is your gardener and hangs out in front of your house. He wants holy water for his tree. You probably already have some to give him, but if not the priest in the church will sell you some for 40g. Once you get Gordon to join you, you can now recruit others. His house doesn't have to be anything special.

portrait of a bride
This is Parn, the artist, who lives near your house. He has a painting of his true love and wants to bring her to life. He needs gold paint for this. You can buy it for $1000 in the future from the tree-shop, once you have that set up. Julia comes to life and they both join you.

the mark of business
Donny wants to join you! First you have to find him a dark coin and an indestructable coin. You find both in the tailor shop in the future, so finish the tailor move-in to get both.

Your family cook, Ferdinand, wants to make a sweet called Castagnaccio, which needs catsarna. It's similar to chestnuts so he wants some chestnuts. This is pretty easy, you find tons of them fighting in the butterfly dungeons. Just give him one and he joins you.

Claire wants a picture of a rare flower. Take a picture of the yellow Himarra or the Man Eating Flower (I brought her both) and she joins you.


the auction
A straight money quest. Stewart, your butler, wants cash for a book - 1000g. When you bring him 1000 he wants 1500, when you give him 1500 he wants 2000. Go out and in and he'll give you back 600g and joins you.

dreaming I was dreaming
adel, your household maid, wants to be a tailor. She's in the room behind the kitchen. Get her some thick hide, hunk copper, cloth. Then leave the room and go back in to get your outfit (we got Denim Overalls) and have her join you. When she moves to Furbit-land, you now have a shop in the future too where you buy lots of cool things. Her house doesn't have to be anything special.

polly's maid
A long bread quest for morton. At least in the end you get to keep it!

palm brinks: mad dash!
The sherrif says he's busy the first time you talk to him. Go back later and he's outside the police station, and wants you to run to the boat and back in about 2 minutes even. You have to run straight there and back. There aren't any tricks, it just takes practice. Go straight towards the church, up the left side of the church and right at the monument. At the boat hit the button just long enough for it to say "now return to the sherrif ..."but don't bother reading it, just run back again. I got him at 2 - 0 - 65.

milane shows her stuff
Talk to Milane (the weapon shops woman) as Monica to get this one. You get a gladius and have to build it up 2 levels. Pretty easy.

getting father's approval
Your dad, Gerald, wants you to build up a trumpet gun to a bell trigger. Again, pretty easy.

the impossible safe
This is a fun one. The Mayor says he's busy- go back later and he wants you to help him figure out his safe combo. It's his daughter's birthday. She was born in a zodiac sign with 4 legs, in a cold month (coat and scarves) and her birthday is divisible by 3 and 7. That makes it Capricorn, and the only number in 30 days divisible by 3 and 7 is 21. So put in 1221!

put out candles
Father Bruno wants you to figure out how to extinguish the candles. What I did was go in 2 from his position and touch the left and ride side. Then I went in 4 and did the same. Then I went in 6 and did the same. Now I worked my way back towards Father Bruno going left to right and when I was done, they were all out.

the non-setting moon
It's Vivi! No sorry, it's Rufio, and he wants a photo of the moon. Pretty easy. For his house in Furby-land, you need to put it on a platform. He likes his house to be up high.

catch up, then pass me
Fabio, the fishing boy on the docks, wants you to catch a bigger fish than he has. You probably have already by the time you even talk to him. He sells you bait when he joins you.


corrine's hide-and-seek
You have to catch Corrine twice. I found her once in the 2nd floor of Claire's house and then once in my bedroom.

mind to mind
Granny Rosa is the old woman who can't hear well, in your house. You find her in the watery hallway. Use the keyboard to talk to her. You have to type "Let's go together."

Dr. Dell
Not on the list, his joining you is the end of Chapter 2 and the beginning of Chapter 3. You go for him when you find Lin, who is sick.

Won't Join You:
Echuha - maid in main hallway
Luanne - girl with parasol and hat
basak - guy with grey suspenders
albehr - grey suit sad face
brind - church
pisco - girl with pigtails
geoffrey - church
peche - girl with black bowtie
aegira - girl with hat and parasol
puno - big nosed cop
fournet - girl in green shirt
uftah - helper chef
giles - boy in brown outfit
olivie - girl with big ears

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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