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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
How to play Spheda (Golf)

One of the ways to earn bonus points in the dungeons (that starts out with just ???) is to play golf there. You don't learn the ability to play golf until near the end of Chapter 3.

In essence it's like any other golf video game:
aim with left analog
press x to start swing, x to stop the backswing, x to hit the ball
you want to do each at the right spot to hit it straight
can use left stick to slice spin etc.

Your screen tells you the meters to your goal, and the number of hits remaining.
Sandtraps can't be played out of. Pressing square brings the ball back to the start.

The ball must be the OPPOSITE color of the hole.
It changes color each time it hits a wall or object.

For your very first one, aim for the star!! It's over on the left. Hit it at full power in its center. The game will play a tune and say "nice shot" when you do it perfectly. When you do that first training one, you get the white flower and swan to then get the dumplings for Lin.

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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