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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
Getting To the Circus

This game starts a bit strangely. You start out being able to choose your hat, clothing and shoes for a teenage boy from a limited but interesting selection. The graphics are just GREAT in this game, and truly make you feel like you're playing in a movie.

Then, though, you suddenly watch a young GIRL being chased down a fancy palace-like hallway. She has a quick little fight which in essence is her just bashing a few bad guys once or twice and them dying. She finally gets to her father's bedroom door. She finds an evil guy standing over him. The evil guy then walks through a time portal and vanishes, leaving her father laying on the ground, apparently dead. The young girl (Monica) walks slowly towards her father, and it fades out.

OK, back to the boy, Max. He walks into a cluttered fix-it shop, quite happy. He tells his elderly boss, Cedric, that he's got a ticket to see the circus, and he's got a new red pendant from his dad. Cedric is surprised Max's dad would let him go to the circus, and tells him to get his work done quickly. You can save here - do so so that you don't have to watch that all again! Then head down into the lower basement area and around to the back where the bed is. You can't read the book yet - not to worry. You will be able to soon. Grab the wrench back there and then go back to the middle area, against the left wall (i.e. the one the stairs come down along).

There's a vacuum on that table. You start fixing it, and a cut scene shows the circus coming to town. Back to Max - he's fallen asleep. The owner is strangely missing but Max doesn't even bother to look for him or anything (what if he's fallen down hurt somewhere?) Ah well. Max runs off to the circus and gets to the tent. Just as Max is handing the ticket to the clown - a young twerp runs along and grabs it!!

Follow the twerp right around in a circle. Stop and talk to random people and they'll all say "yeah yeah keep going". Finally you find the red-headed girl and she is all sad that she can't go to the circus. So you GIVE HER THE TICKET. What??? You're rewarding her for theft! Lots of people want to go to the circus and don't resort to stealing tickets to get in. They do things like save up their money or work extra jobs. But in any case, somehow this act of encouragement of bad behavior is seen as a "passing the test" :)

You get your ticket back, and head on in to the circus. What, no shiny star for passing the test? Oh no, passing the test means you get to risk your life in a few minutes for a cause you won't even be told about for another chapter or two :) :)

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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