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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
The Circus and Donny

OK, head back to ticket door with your ticket. Save again, then head in. It figures, you can't see a thing! So you go up to a higher area and see some cool acts including elephant blitzball.

You hear some noises, and there's a long scene where Flotsam, the head of the Clown Troupe, threatens your town mayor. Flotsam wants a special stone and keeps saying that the innocent townsfolk don't know about the outside world. Unfortunately, you make a noise and Flotsam sees you. Apparently the pendant around your neck is the stone he wants! He sends his goons after you.

Now there is a HUGE long chase scene, up, down and around. Finally you get down into the center ring. You have to fight with 4 of them - it's pretty easy. Just hammer the X button.

Now you run out. They chase you up and down and around. Finally you evade the big boss when your pal Donny pulls you into the sewers.

The sewers are his secret hiding area. Is he sure you guys aren't turtles? Hmmmmm. It's an underground water area. Save!! Then talk to him. You tell him you have a wrench. Donny gives you a gun! Jeez, so teenagers are wandering around with guns in this world? He also hands you a walkie talkie to ask for help with.

So now you've got a hand-to-hand and a distance weapon - the "Classic Gun" and the "Battle Wrench". Equip both of them and look into the upgrade path for both, so you know what you'll be working on. You are not allowed to go back up to town right now, so your path is into the first set of dungeons, and into the first Chapter of the game.

Note there's a Fruit of Eden by the center of the Donny area. This increases Max's max health bar level.

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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