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Demons Souls Walkthrough

Demon's Souls is a VERY challenging game for the PS3. It requires you to die numerous times on your path to victory. You need to be prepared for this. You will die. Repeatedly. You will lose all your "souls" (currency). Repeatedly. You'll play through levels over and over again. This is a tough game. Don't get frustrated when you die. Think of it as a learning device, that now you know not to do X or Y. Don't worry about losing your souls. You'll get more - many more. This is a game of patience, of cunning, of trial and error and finally success that you can really savor.

Note: You CANNOT SELL ITEMS. Put that mentality out of your mind. Everything you find, you use or you dump on your "pack mule" person. The only thing that matters in terms of upgrades for your weapons and armor are souls and the occasional raw material.

Also note: YOU DO NOT LEVEL UP by playing the game. All leveling up is done back at the Nexus, by buying stat upgrades from the maiden. So just running around like a madman, killing things, gets you little until you return home with the souls. It is well worth it to play with mindful attentiveness.

There is no mini-map. You have to explore and learn the maps. Believe us, you'll be in these maps over and over again and will get to know them like the back of your hand :) We have pretty much finished this game and have played multiple characters, but we are still working on writing the walkthrough. Feel free to email if you're stuck!

Basic Activities
Character Classes
People You Meet

Getting Started

Archstone of the Small King
Boletarian Palace

Archstone of the Burrow King
Stonefang Tunnel

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