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Dungeon Siege: Norick Collapses

The game begins with your wonderfully customized character - right down to the hairstyle and clothes - happily farming. You know that won't last, though. A good friend, Norck, comes staggering along. He tells you that you need to go find Gyorn in Stonebridge. Stonebridge is a far ways off - you'll easily fill up your inventory three times over before you finally get there. So don't bother picking up most of the farm implements lying around. Do find at least something to fight with, though!

Kill off the enemies around you, and break any barrels or chests you see to see what is in them. You should get Zap and Fireshot as your first spells - you can start using them if magic is the way you want to go. There are rakes, shovels, pitchforks and hoes and things to choose from.

To the left are enemies with Healing Hands as a spell, to the right you get Charged Fist. Healing Hands and Charged Fist are both good to know no matter which type of character you want to build.

Explore everywhere, and head out. You'll cross some bridges and meet more monsters, with them getting nastier as you go. You of course gain experience as you kill things and will start to do more damage. You'll hit a house with a second floor - go up the stairs to find some magic armor and the History fo the Crypts.

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