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Dungeon Siege Master Index

Try not to read ahead! This is a hugely fun game, and a lot of it is about how you develop your characters over time. Note that the walkthrough doesn't exactly follow the quests listed as you play the game. That's because many quests are "fake quests". For example, a quest given to you in Chapter 4 might not actually end until Chapter 7.

By far the nastiest chapter for me was Chapter 4. I just hated it and the swamp. Compared to that, the later chapters went VERY quickly and the last 2 chapters were super fast.

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Chapter 1: Stonebridge
Norick Collapses
Edgarr's House
The Crypts

Chapter 2: Journey to the Overseer
Heading Out
Wesrin Cross

Chapter 3: The Search for Merik
Book Return
Quest for Merik
Fortress Kroth

Chapter 4: The Warding Staff
Jeriah the Trader
Crystal Caves
The Big Eyeball (Fury's Eye)
Dark Woods
The Bandits
The Swamp
The Swamp: Purify the Temple
The Tree Hole and Goblins

Chapter 5: An Ancient Evil
The Beach
Missing Treasure Hunters
The Ruins
Facing Gresh

Chapter 6: Unwise Alliance
Fortress Kroth
The Temple
Subdue the Droog

Chapter 7: King and Castle
Journey to Castle Ehb
Slay the ancient Dragon of Rathe
Searh for the King

Chapter 8: The Chamber of Stars
Vanquish the Seck
The Chamber of Stars

Chapter 9: Dungeon Siege
Vanquish the Seck

Secret Bonus Level
The Chicken Level!

Walkthrough Master Index

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Walkthrough Index

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