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Dungeon Siege: Edgarr's House

To the west of the first house you hit is a cave with gold and a bear in it. You'll find Atlan's Leather with a defense of 10 and +5 health. Now go east down the slope. You'll meet Edgarr that wants his cellar cleared. On the second level you have to shoot the wall to the south to get into the secret room. You can light the torches which is neat!

There's a shelf to the west and leech life to the east. Then head back up.

There's a long forest. Head behind the waterfall for some cash. You'll meet Skartis at the bridge, which is out. Now he warns you that you have to go through the crypts to get to town. Great fun. You hit a life shrine in front of you, then turn left towards the crypts.

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