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Dungeon Siege: The Crypts

There's a mini-crypt that you pass first, with just a few monsters and a cool staff inside it. Coem back out and go towards the cemetery. Now you've hit the main entrance to the crypts. You won't come back out this way - you'll go all the way through and come out the other side - so clear it out as you go.

I actually did map out this dungeon but it's extremely one-directional. Each room you go into pretty much only has one room to go out of. You move from room to room, killing off gargoyles and such along the way. Finally at the end of the paths you meet Ulura, the scribe. At this point you're incredibly overburdened and have been leaving all sorts of stuff behind. Go back with her and get her full up too, and then head out.

You come up in the graveyard. There's a monster to the west - use ranged weapons and heal a lot. To the east is the sign for Stonebridge. You find a camp first, and the top of the tower there hasa Husker Shaman. You go down into a large camp and fight your way through various levels, and Futak the Trainer. Finally you hit Stonebridge.

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