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Dungeon Siege: Stonebridge

OK you FINALLY hit the town and can sell stuff. Sheesh! You run into Gyorn in the inn, he wants you to go to Glacern and give the report. Don't you feel like the Pony Express or something? The Miller wants you to clear out the beach. That's pretty easy, just go to the water and kill the few monsters. There are some footlockers of stuff there too.

You can buy a mule if you want - they're quite fun to have along - and there are three different potential helpers here you can hire. I end up getting all three after a bit more fighting, but usually you can only get one at this point because of the money. Don't worry, you can come back for the others later. One is a drunk soldier, one is an archer and one is Zed the magic user. I like to start with Zed.

Ida upstairs in the inn wants you to tell her archer sister in Glacern that she's OK. Someone by a burned house tells you about Ordus' Axe in a tower. When you head out the other gate of Stonebridge, you go into Chapter II: Journey to the Overseer.

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