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Dungeon Siege: Heading Out

OK, you get to leave Stonebridge. The guard at the gate asks you to clear Glitterdelve Pass for him. We're the task-doers for the entire world apparently! You hit two giant pigs right off. Oooooo scary. The mule is a bit annoying in the way he tends to run INTO danger instead of away. Keep him a screen back behind you if you get into any sort of dangerous area.

Fight along the path to the left, and you'll get to a tower. There's a mace up top, and an axe down at the bottom. Now you can kill the defenders of the bridge and cross it. You'll hit a sign that says wesrin cross/eastern tower in one direction, stonebridge behind you and glacern/glitterdelve that is blocked. But of course, everywhere you want to go, you can't!

At this point head back to Stonebridge (it's fast to do it on the big map) and buy yourself another henchman. The person who asked you about the axe doesn't appear to care much that you found it. You'd think people would be happy when you finished the quests!

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