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Dungeon Siege: Wesrin Cross

You follow the sign towards Wesrin Cross. You meet Ilandro who is scared of 8-legged monsters. Hmmmm, sounds like spiders. You hit a dead end at Wesrin Cross, and head in, lighting torches as you go.

I did actually map this out too, but again, it's very one directional. You just head forward and keep hitting spiders, corpses, more spiders, more corpses, one after another. Go through slowly and kill anything you run into. By now you should have all 3 henchpeople with you - if you don't go in enough to get the money and then go back to town to get the rest of them.

Make sure that you try to go into every spider hole and explore every corner. There are lots of little nooks and crannies for you to go into. In particular, right before the gigantic room, there's a series of tunnels to the right with lots of monsters.

The final room has a giant spider of course. Fight it. When it dies, the door behind it should open automatically. I did hear from one person that didn't see the door open. Be sure to save before the fight and to take everything it drops afterwards.

When you take the final elevator out, you end up on the other side of the giant door, and now can go freely back and forth.

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